Sebastiaan van Kempen_Freelance Visual Designer
I see myself as a digital craftsman. A modern day reincarnation of old-world tailors. Rather than engage in a one-size-fits-all approach,
i try to create uniquely crafted costum-made interactive and printed experiences for each project. Browse around to see some of my previous creations or if you want to know more about me just read this part. Or directly contact me:
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Website for a Barcelona Real-estate website.

Designing a new website structure to add new areas and sections to the design for the barcelona based Real-estate website, The Wordpressed based site is bilingual and low maintanance with automatic information flows between diferent sections and even external sources as youtube and flicker. Also a very rich of content map of the city, with all related content marked on it, had to be designed an incorporated into the sites structure, aswell as multi directional request information forms.


(and make me famous)
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